Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Othello - Impetuosity

Impetuosity seems to be a recurring theme in Shakespeare’s plays. Othello contains several instances of impetuosity. Roderigo is so bent on revenge upon Othello for stealing Desdemona away from him that he jumps at any idea concocted by Iago without first considering the consequences of the action. Brabantio throws a tantrum before the Duke and other Senators about the marriage of Desdemona to Othello without first asking Desdemona to explain herself. Othello demotes Cassio without asking Cassio about his version of the incidents. Emilia takes Desdemona’s handkerchief to Iago without getting a reason that he needs it. Othello goes into a jealous rage because of Iago’s manipulations, and he does not ask Desdemona or Cassio what is going on, only accuses them. Othello kills Desdemona, and Iago kills Emilia. There are more, but this is the basic list.

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